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Daily Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries

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Faith That Sees through the Culture

God’s Word is filled with paradoxes. They are both-and statements, at once seeming contradictory but both being wholly and completely true. Through this study, we can discover new vistas for faith to see more clearly and live out our faith more effectively in our culture.

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Daily Chapel Sermon

Has your work schedule prevented you from attending Sunday services? Or are you missing hearing God’s Word during the week (after listening to Pastor’s sermon on YouTube)? To fill that gap, hear sermons preached during Daily Chapel at the LCMS International Center.


Wrestling With the Basics

Get ready to chuckle or even chortle with Pastor “Jolly” John Lukomski and Pastor Matt “Youngblood” Clark as they take a humorous approach to Bible Study each Saturday morning.


Morning Prayer Sermonette

Hear a guest pastor give a short sermonette based on the day’s Daily Lectionary New Testament text during Morning and Evening Prayer.


Cross Defense

Challenge your theological synapses with Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller, Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church and Jesus Deaf Lutheran Church in Austin, Texas, as he and his expert guests talk about curious topics to excite the imagination, equip the mind, and comfort the soul with God’s ordering of the world in the Law and Gospel.