The best understanding of God’s Will for the future of our congregation is as follows: “Grounded in Biblical truth, every member will have a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ and reach out to share the Gospel.”

The goals set to reach our Vision are:

  1. Connect every member with a means of studying and understanding God’s Word.
  2. Engage with local faith-based ministries to identify community needs. Increase our service and care to them as measured by the amount of people serving and being served.
  3. All ministry teams will be fully staffed through increased personal engagement of members’ spiritual gifts.

As we move forward, these are the core values we will stand by, without compromise, regardless of the challenges placed before us. These are our guiding principles, defining our relationships and our work together:

  • Biblical foundation for all ministries.
  • Prayerfully seek God’s will.
  • Loving and caring for God’s people.
  • Christian education for all ages.
  • Responsible stewardship of God’s entrusted resources.